Whole Foods for Digestion Relief

Do you have Indigestion? Feeling overly full, bloated, or having diarrhea?

One Quick Tip:  Eat slowly and chew the food properly because digestion begins in the mouth!

Some Remedies to Try:

1. Dry and age orange peel for about one month. Boil tea and take after meals or simply suck on the peel.

2. Eat papaya twice daily, in any form.

3. Eat sweet potato cooked with brown sugar and water. In the last three minutes of cooking this mush, add some rice wine. Eat regularly for two weeks to improve digestion.

4. Drink apple, lemon, or orange juice after meals; or eat an apple after each meal.

Things to Avoid: rich foods, fatty foods, tension and stress while eating, reading the newspaper or watching television while eating as this takes energy away from digestion

Content by The Tao of Nutrition

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