Rates & Insurance

Important Rates and Insurance Information

Payment Options:

  • Cash Rates: Visit our booking page for details: thrivingwellbeing.janeapp.com
  • We accept Cash, FSA, HSA, and select insurances depending on the provider.

Insurance Considerations:

  • Often, insurance only covers acupuncture for pain-related treatments.
  • Most internal health goals (hormone balancing, fertility, postpartum, menopause, digestive health, autoimmune health, stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc.) and treatments involving herbs, supplements, nutrition, and bodywork aren’t typically covered. But we’re here to assist regardless! Sometimes we can add just a ” holistic Service” fee and you can get the whole experience.  

Potential Payments per Visit (Post-Assessment):

  1. Copay only.
  2. Copay + $55 holistic service fee (for non-covered services).
  3. Cash rate: $159 for new patients, $105 for follow-ups.

Getting Started:

  • Schedule your first visit so we understand your needs better and potential insurance coverages.
  • If using insurance, please:
    • Call your insurance to verify copay, number of visits, deductible, etc.
    • Complete our insurance form below and bring your insurance card to your appointment. We can then either submit a claim on your behalf or provide you with a superbill, based on your insurance needs.

Insurance Form

Patient Information


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