Postpartum Health

A natural approach to postpartum care can help new moms feel better and recover faster.

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine for Postpartum Health

Pregnancy and birth are powerful life-changing experiences that can be supported by acupuncture and integrative medicine treating the physical aspects of pregnancy and birth while helping the mother cope with the emotional aspects of this transition in her life.
Postpartum Acupuncture and integrative medicine can help with the recovery process after birth and during lactation, helping the body maintain homeostasis and hormonal balance—key elements to a happier postpartum.
Newborn parenthood can cause a wired but tired state. Acupuncture and integrative medicine can help families adjust to this change by calming the nervous system, allowing for a sense of calm in the body and mind and ultimately reducing anxiety and stress. This sense of calm can reduce depression risk, which every mother needs to thrive.
We often see new mothers within the first six weeks after childbirth, in order to obtain optimum results.
postpartum health


Promote relaxation and stress reduction

Insufficient lactation Mastitis


heal and rejuvenate from the birthing process

Fatigue / exhaustion

Acupuncture Research For Postpartum Health

Studies have shown acupuncture can:

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