Reach optimal health and vitality with personalized guidance for a Thriving Wellbeing!

We combine western science and a natural therapeutic approach for addressing the root cause of your health concerns. Our treatments focus on promoting optimal well-being, using lifestyle modification, nutrition advice, acupuncture, botanical medicine, and lab-testing – all based on clinical assessment. Let us help you thrive!

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Our Specialties

Your Health Provider Who Really Listens

Providers Who Listen

We will give you the attention you deserve, the time to ask questions, be heard, and feel comfortable whether through in person care or telemedicine.

Your “Doctor Friend”

Build a long lasting relationship with your Holistic Care Provider at Thriving Wellbeing who will know you throughout your life.

In-Person & Telemedicine

Schedule an appointment in-person, via phone and video chat, whichever fits your schedule. We are just a click away and available for you.

True Preventative Care

We have the training and time to work through complex and chronic issues to restore your body with lifestyle support, nutrition, herbs and/or lab-testing.

Your Holistic Health Needs

Experts monitoring your health status will make modifications if needed and guide you through your health journey – truly customized care.

Natural Holistic Approach

We restore your body with a customized treatment plan combining western science, eastern knowledge and a natural therapeutic approach.

How it Works

Our Process


Root Cause Medicine

Initial Consultation

Our first consultation aims to determine the root cause of your health disorder. We use acupuncture, herbal medicine, supplements, dietary suggestions, and coaching suggestions to treat your specific health disorder.


Individualized Care

Your Treatment Plan

To tackle your health issues naturally, your treatment plan is tailored to your needs. Once we identify any imbalances in your body, we can help you resolve your health issues holistically by using acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary recommendations, supplements, and health coaching.



On-going care

Once we have restored your body’s balance and resolved your health concerns, we will switch to a maintenance program so you can remain healthy. We educate our patients on how to maintain their health and longevity so their health issues are not recurred.


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